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Custom Cabinetry


All quartz surfaces used as counter tops are highly resistant to scratches, show low water absorption and are highly resistant to acid fluids normally found in kitchens and bathrooms. The surface, expecially in polished finish, does not retain dirt and is easy to clean.

Quartz offered by is a superior product made of 93% natural silica, 7% polyester resin and coloured pigments. The specific combination of these materials allows the creation of a superior material with a wide variety of shades, grit distribution and background colours whilst maintaining superior technical qualities.

Quartz surfaces do not need to be protected with wax or sealants. For routine cleaning use a damp cloth with water and a neutral pH detergent: a good quality detergent for marble surface is ideal (it is important that the detergent has no wax content). When choosing your detergent, avoid aggressive high acid or high alkaline cleaners as these are not suitable for quartz.

We recommend the use of trivets to avoid continued exposure of quartz surfaces to sources of heat (pots, pans or hot dishes). We recommend the use of chopping boards when cutting and preparing food.


Avoid exposing any quartz surface to chemicals and solvents, expecially paint remover, oven cleaners or furniture strippers containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride. Keep nail polish remover, bleach or cleanser that contain bleach, laundry bluing, permanent markers, inks and oil soaps away from the surface. If any of the substances listed above come into contact with your quartz surface, rinse it immediately and thoroughly with water.