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Custom Cabinetry

Meganite Colour Chicklets

MEGANITE countertops and walls help contribute to healthy, sustainable, and safe environments:

  • • Indoor air quality- MEGANITE has been tested and certified by third party GREENGUARD Environmental Institute to most the stringent Indoor Air Quality standard, and the GREENGUARD Certification forChildren and Schools.
  • • Food safety- MEGANITE is a solid non-porous material that repels liquids and stains while it inhibits growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It has been tested and certified by the National Sanitary Foundation and the American Standard Testing Methods.
  • • Conservation of raw materials and energy- MEGANITE‚Äôs integral color and particulate design allows buffing of scratches, refinishing, and significant repurposing of countertops, and walls reducing replacement and waste contribution to landfill.
  • • Fire and chemical resistant- MEGANITE has been tested and certified toASTME standards for flame spread and smoke generation enabling use in government facilities, schools, hospitals, and homes. MEGANITE repels harsh chemicals and ordinary stains including iodine, food coloring, and hair dye.